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  Keep up to date with what the APCS is doing, read about items of interest from around the world, and of course items of local interest. From time to time it also includes lists of items for sale. The APCS newsletter is for you, and anyone can read it from this website.

The APCS produces newsletters as they are needed to keep members up to date. They are normally sent a week before each APCS event and include details of the event, management items relating to the APCS, items of note from around the world that are considered to be of interest to members, trade releases relating to photography, lists of items for sale etc and advertisements of services to members.

The email that is sent out is only a brief summary of the whole newsletter and includes a hot link to the actual newsletter which is stored as a PDF file on the APCS webpage. The newsletters have "smart addressing" meaning that the current newsletter can always be seen from this page by clicking here. Note that web browsers can store old copies so when you expect a new newsletter, please click on your "refresh" button.

In a normal year there are 10 main events and so there are usually 10 newsletters. When there are minor edits to the newsletter, a refresh of the webpage will show the updated version. If the edit is a major matter, a new email is sent out highlighting the change.

Of course, for members to get the email, we have to know your email address. If you are missing out on this service, please send an email to the Webmaster indicating your preferred address. A few members do not have email addresses registered with the Society, and a few members do not have internet access. Maybe associates can assist by bringing the newsletters to their attention.

The archival copies of the modern format of the newsletter (from September 2007) can be found at Newsletter Archive which contains an interactive index of all available issues in PDF format.